What have you been doing lately?

Buzzards fly through the morning fog. The pond, only about 500 feet away, has all but disappeared in the soupy air. The dock, barely visible. Everything is wet, including Jake the horse. We feed him last nights table scraps as the cows look on, interested but too nervous to come close. Two days ago we helped cut three of them from the small herd to … Continue reading What have you been doing lately?

Heading out the door

We like to travel. Going places, seeing and doing new things helps make life more interesting and as Mark twain is famous for saying, “Travel is fatal to Predjudice, Bigotry, and Narrow Mindedness.” This year we’ve been to Duluth a couple times, Long Prairie, and several places nearby. At Duluth we went to the Bayfront Blues festival, and we did some genealogy at Long Prairie. … Continue reading Heading out the door