The Diet

10/16/2019 It’s been a little while since I posted about my diet. It’s going well. I’ve lost 14 pounds and 2 inches off my belly! Yay! I’m happy. I’ve also started exercising so every little bit helps.

You may recall that I have a protein shake as a meal replacement for lunch everyday. I’ve been using Herbalife. It’s been good but I found something better. For years, my wife used and sold doTerra Essential oils. doTerra has a meal replacement shake product. It has less calories, carbs, and sugar than Herbalife. It also has less vitamins and minerals so I am taking an extra multi-vitamin/mineral supplement along with it. I think this is what got me over the plateau I’ve been on. I’ve been at 188 pounds, (down from 200) for a couple weeks. Since starting the doTerra shake I’m now down 2 more pounds. I’d like to lose weight faster but I have to be patient. It’s not healthy to lose weight quickly. Onward and upward!

10/04/2019 The diet is going well! My scale read 189 pounds this morning. My daily routine consists of three hard boiled eggs and a cup of tea with honey for breakfast (300 calories), a protein shake for lunch (225 to 300 calories depending on what I put in it), and a regular meal for dinner. My dinner will be chicken breast, fish, or pork chops with mixed veggies. If I get hungry between meals I might have some trail mix or fruit (banana, apple, watermelon, or grapes), and for and evening snack I’ll have some popcorn. I’m getting around 1200 to 1300 calories a day and this has me losing an average of 2 pounds a week. I read that less than 1200 calories is considered a starvation diet so I try to stay a little above that. I do get hungry between meals but I’ve learned to just cope with that at times. We need negative and positive things in our lives to keep a good balance, so there’s nothing wrong with a little hunger. I haven’t had many cravings for sugar in the last couple weeks and now when I do get a craving it’s for fruit instead of ice cream.

This kind of diet may not be for everyone. I have the ability to block things from my mind, control my thoughts about food, but it is a learned behavior. I quit smoking in 1992 and used nicotine patches to help with that. My Doctor told me that the habit of smoking was a harder addiction to break than the nicotine addiction. So it’s a matter of changing your habits and your mind set when it comes to dieting. When I’m snacking I’ve replaced fattening chips with popcorn or I find something to do that keeps my hands and mind busy. Sitting and watching TV is the time I want to snack so doing something else, even reading a book cuts down on the desire. My Doctor said when I felt like having a cigarette I should do something active instead of just suffering the craving. With dieting I’ve found that if I stay busy, I don’t often notice if I’m hungry. So that’s my plan and it seems to be working. Yay!

10/02/2019 Woo Hoo! The scale read 190 pounds this morning. I’ve officially lost 10 pounds. Unfortunately I don’t feel or look any different. I’m not sure where the weight came off because my middle hasn’t lost a centimeter. My pants still fit the same as they have. I’m still thinking about exercising but just thinking about it is exhausting so….

09/30/2019 I have been on a diet for 30 days and it’s going pretty well. I’ve lost 9 pounds so far. I would probably be at 10 or 11 pounds if it weren’t for the times I went off the diet. Last weekend I went to a festival and ate all kinds of crap, Good crap, lovely, wonderfully tasting crap, but crap none the less. I think that slowed me down some. Now that I’m used to good, nutritious food my body sure can tell when I dump in some crap. I feel the difference. So here I am on Monday, going back to healthy eating. My breakfasts almost every day consist of 3 hard boiled eggs, with a little salt and pepper on them, and a cup of tea with honey. I bought a bottle of Wildflower honey at the festival and that stuff tastes great! It’s very pale and light and makes my tea taste wonderful. For lunch every day I have a protein shake. I put in the shake powder which has a lot of vitamins and minerals, low sugar and high protein. Then I use fruit, like strawberries, cherries, bananas, mango or peaches. Sometimes I use peanut butter powder which has less than half the calories as regular peanut butter. So my breakfast and lunch consist of no more than 600 calories combined. Then for dinners I’ve been having fish or chicken breast with veggies and sometimes pork chops. Snacks run from trail mix to popcorn and an occasional frozen fruit pop.

Considering that I was drinking a soda every day as well as having ice cream and a lot of processed and take out fast foods, I’m doing damn good. And I feel better. I have a lot less stomach problems like indigestion or constipation and diarrhea. My system is a lot more regular now. So I’m happy with the way things are going. I also cut out pasta and bread. I like sandwiches and one of my sons said I make the best sandwiches he’s ever had but the bread and processed meats like ham and pepperoni really pack on the pounds. I have a salad now, at least once or twice a week with Italian dressing which is about half the calories of the creamy dressings. So if you’re dieting like me, keep up the good work. The weight will disappear.

09/29/2019 As you may or may not know, I started a diet four weeks ago today. After much investigation into dieting I decided to go it alone instead of going with an established diet plan. I figured I could do better on my own. Basically I just decided to cut my calories way back and improve the quality of what I was eating. It’s actually going pretty well. In four weeks I’ve lost 9 pounds. I would love to see the weight melt away like butter on a hot potato but since I’m not eating butter or potato’s, I’ll settle for losing it slowly. It’s better for my health if I do, anyway. So check in here from time to time for updates on how much weight the fatty is losing!