On A Walk

Melting snow and traffic and
dog walkers, walking their dogs.
Wet paw prints and old oak leaves.
The river, taking a walk of its own,
migrating into the park.
The banks unable to hold back
the spring melt.
Barricades and sand bags,
sunshine and people in shorts.
Skateboarders and bicyclers.
Trees and shrubs bare but waiting
to burst with green.
Friends and lovers like
black bears fresh from
a winter’s sleep.
We shake off the cold,
warm tired muscles
and walk outside to find
the world still exists
under the heavy burden of snow.
We remember our lives
as we used to live,
in tee shirts and sunglasses
like they were nothing more
than dreams in sleep.
Dreams we recall on a February
day when the wind howls
and snow pours from the sky.
Remember, we think, remember
when we wore tee shirts outside
and walked with sandals
on our feet?
That’s just a dream, just a dream.


Spring In Minnesota

Well it seems that Spring has finally arrived. We’ve had temperatures reach over 60 degrees F every day this week. Everything is greening up and budding. My tulips are blooming, the catnip is up and my rhubarb is growing nicely. I had to mow the lawn last weekend and it looks like I’ll have to do it again soon. In the summer, it grows so fast I sometimes have to mow it twice a week which is a pain because it takes me two and a half hours to do it. I have a three and a half acre piece of land that sits between farm fields and a lake. I love it in the country and don’t ever want to move back to town, but the maintenance on a big yard is time consuming and hard on my back. I guess sometimes we just have to suffer for what we want.
Tulips and Dandylions

As soon as the rhubarb is ripe I’m going to pick it all, cut it up in small slices and freeze it. I’ve decided that this is the year I’m going to make wine. I’ve thought about it for years now but I always seem to find an excuse not to do it. I may even pick all the catnip and dandelions and make wine out of them. You can make wine out of virtually any fruit or vegetable or weed. I’ve made a new friend on line whose name is Ari, and she makes wine. Check out the WordPress site, “Wine by Ari.” If you type that in a search bar you can make it all one word. She’s making wine and blogging about it and it’s very inspiring to see others doing it. So I’m going for it this year. with the coming warmer temps, it should be ideal wine making weather.
The Rhubarb patch
The house and part of my yard (Taken from the top of Shit Mountain–the septic hump.)

Our oldest granddaughter turned 13 in March but today she’s having a pool party at the community center in town to celebrate. We have taken her with us on our annual vacation every year except one, when she had strep. We keep a cabin rented on a lake about five hours North of us and go there every June. The weather is usually beautiful, and the fishing is great. I taught her how to fish when she was three years old and she has loved it since. Last year she learned how to clean sunfish and loved that too. This year I may teach her how to throw a fly line and maybe next winter when we’re bored I’ll teach her how to tie flies. She such an inquisitive child and really wants to know how to do everything. She told me once, “Grandpa, I have dolls, and sometimes I play with them, but mostly I rather be outside fishing or hunting!” She doesn’t fool me though. She likes pretty dresses and is learning to use make up. When it comes time for boys in her life it’s going to be hard for her to find one that can keep up. That’s okay with me.

So that’s the news from North country. Not much to tell, really. I hope this finds whoever reads it well and happy See you soon!.

April 11th.

I don’t want to be presumptuous here, but I think Spring has finally arrived. It’s April 11th, the temperature is supposed to reach into the sixties, and the ground is unthawed. That’s right folks, for those of you in places further south than Minnesota, the ground actually freezes solid in Winter. Scary, isn’t it? When Sophie and I went out for our morning walk today it was 40 degrees F, the air was clear, sun shining, and little to no wind. A perfect morning for walking.
Above is a photo looking down the end of my driveway toward the lake. It’s days like this that really make me appreciate living here. It’s always interesting to see what type of refuse has accumulated over the Winter in the ditch along my road. There are three categories today. Irony, concern, and disturbing. The irony category is for empty cigarette packs.
The ash tray can be filled with stinking butts and ash, the car itself smells horrid from cigarette smoke, and yet that nice clean empty cigarette pack is going to litter up the car, so that has to go out the window. Really? The next one is concern because I always find beer cans and liquor bottles in the ditch. People are drinking and driving along my road. I have fairly steep ditches on either side of my driveway and I’m always afraid someone will go in the ditch and hit my driveway. When I was sixteen, this very thing happened to me. We weren’t drinking but the car went in the ditch, hit a steep driveway like mine and went airborne. I spent a month in the hospital with a broken back, and another three months recuperating. I cannot believe that anyone could do something so stupid like drinking and driving. But the evidence is there, right there in the ditch. The last one is the disturbing category. I found an ice cream pail with human excrement in it. I know it was human, because it included toilet paper. I’ve never had anyone leave their toilet in my ditch. So there’s one for the record book.

I have an old tree in my front yard that is slowly falling apart.
It’s an old Box Elder tree and pieces keep falling off of it. This chunk has been here for a few weeks now and I’ll have to haul it off the grass pretty soon. I smell a campfire.
Other than that it’s a nice day. The grass is starting to turn green from the recent rain we’ve had, although yesterday morning it snowed so hard and with such big flakes that it was hard to see out the window. But that’s what we get in Minnesota, snow yesterday and 60’s today. And we love it here!