And We All Had A Real Good Time

In 1972, the Edgar Winter Group, a prominent rock and roll band of the time released an album titled, “They Only Come Out At Night.” On that album was a song titled, “We All Had A Real Good Time.” It was a party song about people coming together, playing music and enjoying life. It’s an appropriate title for this post also because at last nights music party we did indeed, all have a real good time.

Some time in the early 90’s my wife, who I had not met yet, answered an ad in the newspaper for singers for a 1960’s Dance Music Review band. She auditioned and joined the group. They were called, “The Boomerangs.” The band played many events in the area and garnered quite a following but in 1996 they broke up, as bands do. A couple years later, Bill, who was instrumental in forming the band started an annual reunion party for the group. It was to be acoustic instruments only, a backyard gathering of friends and family to celebrate music, the band, and just plain having fun. It’s been more than twenty years now, and the party is still going strong.

Probably somewhere between 70 and 80 people came to the annual party last night. There is always a plethora of musicians, both former members of the band and others. Plenty of guitar players, singers, bassists, (both guitar and stand-up) fiddles, sometimes a banjo or an accordion, and usually I’m the only one playing drums. Last night we had another drummer too. We play Rock and Roll from the 60’s and also folk, country and blues. For the last two years we’ve even had a traditional Irish music group play and for several years now we’ve had a guy who juggles fire. People bring food. Lot’s of food. It’s all free, and the mood is always festive but laid back. Lot’s of smiles and laughter, lots of handshakes and hugs. Lot’s of conversation. I’ve made more new friends at those parties than at any other time in my life. It’s one of those things that you wish you could do more often but if you did, it wouldn’t have the same meaning.

Many thanks to Bill and Janet for putting on a great gathering. Proving to me once again that music is the great moderator. Many people of many different backgrounds and beliefs can come together and forget for a while the troubles of our lives and simply have a real good time. And hopefully we’ll keep doing it for many years to come.


Music Parties And Dead Carp

Yesterday we went to our annual music party, or rather, Bill and Janet’s Annual Boomerang’s Reunion 3rd of July Party. It was loads of fun, as it usually is. Here’s a bit of history as I know it of the Boomerangs band. The band was formed by our friend Bill and a small group of like minded players. They focused on 60’s rock and folk music with an emphasis on great singing. My wife Ann, whom I didn’t know at the time, auditioned for the band and won a place as a singer. This was in the 90’s. After several years the band went their separate ways, as bands often do. 19 years ago, Bill started a reunion party and it’s been going strong ever since. After Ann and I met and started dating I met Bill and became an integral part of the music for the party, being the only drummer who shows up. Mostly. Yesterday’s party was a hit. Not as many people as usually show up but fun none the less.
The drums are mine but of course, I was taking the pictures so you don’t get to see me playing.
Lots of party goers and good music aficionados.
And of course, Mr 4th of July himself, our friend Craig, a day early.

We even had a fire juggler show up but since I was playing a drum beat for him to juggle by, You don’t get to see him either. I ran into my friend Mary and her husband Rollie. Mary taught me Immunohematology (Blood Banking) during my college internship and after I was hired by the medical center I was interning at. We have since become friends. I also got to see Frank, a guy I went to high school with and actually played in a band with for a short while. It was a great night!
dead carp

It seems a local fisherman participated in the annual ritual of throwing a dead carp along the side of the road where I walk my dog. Leaving me with the unenviable task of wrestling a 100 pound dog away from the smells of paradise. Whoever you are, I hope your children rebel against you and read books!
It was fun to see Bill and Janet, and Mary and Craig and Frank, who I’ve not seen since high school. And a good time was had by all! Happy 4th everyone!