Painting The Sky… Still More Haiku

It has been a while since I posted haiku. I’ve been working on them steadily, posting them to Twitter and now, with some editing, they are here for your enjoyment. If you are unfamiliar with haiku, it all started in Japan. And there are rules to writing haiku, all of which I have broken. But…

A Flock Of Haiku

I saw a flock of turkeys in the field this morning and that had me thinking about what a group of haiku would be called. So I called it a “Flock Of Haiku.” The more I learn about writing Haiku, the more I like to write it. So here you go, A flock of new…

More Haiku

tall grass prairie weaves and bends the silence of strong wind strong people hold each other up the silence of strength giving hope the world over the silence of love


fresh turned garden earth dirt beneath my fingernails springtime once again wind blown wispy clouds wind blown wispy birds fly against the sky melting snow in sun wetting the ground for springtime ready for planting