From the garden

We like to garden. We have a small greenhouse and we grow lots of flowers and some vegetables. We’re also landscaping the yard with the intent of getting rid of the grass lawn. Using mulch and rocks and chosen plants we’re continuing to grow our landscaped area. As it is September, and the growing season is done, we’re making plans for next year. This section will be all about our gardening. We spend a lot of time outside digging in the dirt. Our soil varies throughout the yard from extremely rocky to sandy. It’s amazing how many rocks we’ve dug up just planting small flowers. We’ve also collected field rock, Minnesota being an area that was under huge glaciers, there’s plenty of rock around.

Barb is the official rock arranger (she likes the title). She gets to decide where the rocks go as she seems to have an eye for that, and I won’t stand in her way. We’re a team. As the season winds down we’re cleaning out pots and thinning out flowers and plants. We’re getting things put away. Next spring we’ll be starting seeds in the greenhouse, and it will be a busy year in the garden.


One thought on “From the garden

  1. What you’re doing with garden and yard sounds good for the soul. Butch, while I was reading your post, all the words kept disappearing for a few seconds, and then re-appearing. Wonder if this is happening to other folks reading your post.

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