Ah yes, Springtime in Minnesota. Last week we hit 80° F, and yesterday it was in the 30’s and snowing. Trees are budding, lot’s of green poking up out of the ground, and it’s supposed to get warmer at the end of the week. I’ll have to mow my grass, as it’s already getting too long, only a few days after it snowed. Typical Minnesota. By the end of this month I’ll be planting flowers in pots for the memorial garden.

A squirrel showed up yesterday who I’ve named “Scruffy.” He really is scruffy. Actually, I don’t know if it’s a male or female but I’m referring to him as he. He had an accident of some kind, maybe got hit by a car. There’s a large patch of fur and tissue standing straight up off the top of his head, with a nasty red wound underneath. There are patches of fur that look as if they are newer than the rest of his fur. When he stops to scratch himself, as squirrels do, he loses his balance and falls over. So, he took a nasty knock to the head and maybe left him with some brain damage. But he’s eating well. I left some corn on the ground and a bowl of water and he’s indulging heartily in both. That was yesterday. Today his wound looks as if it’s healing but he’s still losing his balance. Scruffy must be a tough old squirrel so I’m sure he’ll do fine.

I’m continuing to write haiku although I haven’t posted any here. In the right hand column on this blog you’ll find a link to my Twitter feed where you can read all the new ones. I have well over a hundred now so I’m about a third of the way to a new book, should I decide to publish another. I might as well because sharing on Twitter only goes so far. I’ve found a lot of good haiku writers on Twitter and have received some nice comments.

I’ve been vaccinated! My second shot was two weeks ago today so technically I can congregate with others who’ve been vaccinated. This virus sure has turned our lives around. Everything is different. For people who abhor change, this must be an awful time. For myself, nothing much has changed. I spend plenty of time alone, so solitude is fine, but I like to have the choice.

I know this must sound like reading someone’s diary but i want to stay connected to you, my readers, and unfortunately, this is all I’ve got. So I’ll leave you with a new haiku.

such memories

the creaking wood floors

of the old store

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