Another day in paradise. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons in the North country. The weather is beautiful. Jeans and a hoodie in the morning and shorts and a tee shirt in the afternoon. In the evening it’s back to the jeans and hoodie. And no humidity yet. Little green sprouts are coming up out of the dirt. My lilies, yellow lady slippers, spirea, and lilacs are all doing fine, life begins anew. By the end of the month I’ll have flowers planted in pots for my memorial garden. Can’t beat it.

I moved my little camper from my side yard into my driveway, and started getting it ready. I bought it last September and used it once for three days in the Northern part of my state. Pine trees, lakes, and wildlife. I went to sleep at night listening to a wildcat growling in the vicinity. That’s my idea of camping. No parks with side by side tents or RV’s for me. Little camping spots with lots of privacy, alone in the woods. I go to rejuvenate, to fish, and wander. When I was a child, my family camped for our yearly vacation. One year we camped on the way to and in California, and many years in Upper Michigan, but mostly in Minnesota. It’s in my blood.

Tomorrow I get my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot. Many people have had them without incident so I’m pretty sure it won’t turn me into a zombie. Pretty sure. Some people have become sick from it but I’m immune to most things others are not, a healthy immune system I guess, so I’m not worried. Two weeks of staying home after that and I’ll be able to congregate with others who have been vaccinated. Even though I’m alright with being alone, I like to have the choice, so I’m looking forward to a little company.

I’ve been writing haiku lately. I have well over a hundred done but of course, editing them awaits. My book of haiku, published in 2018 has about 300 of the little buggers so I’ve a way to go if I want to publish another one. Sometimes I just sit with a notebook and pen, observe what’s around me and write haiku about it. Sometimes I take a walk. Inspiration is out there, but sometimes you have to go looking for it. Most of my haiku are about nature, as the Japanese originally wrote them, but I’m going more into other regions like emotion, and thought. You can write a haiku about anything you want so no area is off limits. You could write one about the fuzz in your navel if you really wanted to, although I’m sure the audience for that would be limited.

I think I mentioned that I’ve read over fifteen books this past Winter. I like fiction, and I also read history, philosophy, biography, etc. I’m staying away from politics and I know there are those who would say you’ve got to keep up on things and be aware of what our government is doing but with the last four years of outrage in the White House, I find I have to keep my mental health in check. I’m just not the kind of person who can keep at that without losing something of myself. Sorry friends, I just can’t do it.

So there you are. I hope all is well in your worlds, I hope you all have a wonderful Spring.

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