A Story

As she showered, she thought of him. His smile, almost, but not quite a smirk. As if to say he was privy to something which she was not, but with a little coaxing, he would tell. His quick and easy laughter, and tempered joy, but joy none the less. His hands were strong but articulate, and oh, so talented. The sex was, great to say the least. She had been with men who had given her more pleasure than he had done, but not often. A look of dark mystery in his eyes made her want to know his secrets, flesh them out one by one, savor them, as with a great wine. She shook her head to clear away these thoughts. They were of no use to her now.

His blood was stubborn. It had worked its way into the crevices of her knuckles as if wanting to stay and be remembered. Mixing with the shower water and soap it ran down her legs in pink rivulets, pooling around the drain before sliding away. She thought back to the ecstatic feeling of slipping the knife through his rib cage, the cold steel penetrating tissue, sliding between bone, to pierce his heart at the exact moment of his climax. The surprise in his eyes, the moment of tension and disbelief, the faltering of his senses, all came at once and she experienced the best orgasm she could remember in a long, long time. Stepping out of his shower, she reached for a towel.

After drying and dressing in the bathroom, she walked out, passing him on the bed. She didn’t look at his body as it lay in the crumpled, bloody sheets. No need for that, he had served his purpose, and was of no more than importance now, than the furniture in the room. But somewhere in the back of her mind the thought lingered; What if she’d just ended the man she should have spent the rest of her life with? She stopped then, and almost turned around, but didn’t. Shaking her head again, to clear her thoughts, she left his apartment.

On the street, the traffic was light, and people went about their business never suspecting what her business was. Waiting on the corner for the light to change, while the comforting sounds of the city permeated her ears she remembered that she needed milk. And while she was at it, maybe something sweet like a Danish or, pie. She deserved a treat today, she thought. The sun was warm on her skin as she stepped off the curb. Feeling the breeze flowing through her freshly washed hair she thought, it’s going to be a nice day.

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