The Magic Of Art

There are some amazingly talented people in our world. I’m talking about writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists of other media. While some kids were drawn to sports in school, I was drawn to art. Literature and art classes were always my favorites. Music filled my world at a young age. I loved to read and I loved going to the movies. There’s something about a good story which grabs me and pulls me in, and I helplessly drown, and happily so. I love becoming immersed in a good book, taking on that world as my own while I swim in the pages. A well told story can make me want to be in it, be a character there, be a part of that world. Talented filmmakers and actors can bring you to love the characters, or hate them. Paintings can draw you in, and clay can be molded in such provocatively sensual shapes that you want to caress them. Music can bring tears to your eyes.

Recently I wrote about, “The Queens Gambit”, a seven part mini-series about a young girl who becomes an international chess Grandmaster while dealing with personal issues and drug addiction. The story was so well told and the actors were so good that it drew me in. I felt the emotions the actors portrayed, I wanted to be there, be one of them. A show or a movie like that has a lasting effect. Yesterday I started a new novel. “The Ventriloquists” by E.R. Ramzipoor is a novel inspired by the true story of the Nazi occupation of Belgium during WWII. I read 107 pages since yesterday afternoon.

My wife’s cousin, Mary Pettis, is an artist. She paints beautifully and her paintings always pull me in. I want to walk through the fields, talk to the people, swim in the waters. She paints some scenes from the lake we go to each spring, so I have figuratively been in some of her paintings. They are marvelous. Artists like Mary and others create worlds. They can take you to Paris, or to a mountaintop in Tibet. Or the shores of a small, forgotten lake. And for a moment in time, you are there. For a moment, it’s real.

Music as well, stirs the emotions. It can bring back memories of the time you first heard the song, who you were with and what you were doing. Make you remember forgotten loves, and friends. We always seem to have a fondness for the past, remembering things we’ve done. Music can bring that all back. Listen to Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” and see what it does to your soul. Or if you’re like me, a good old ’60’s rock tune.

During this pandemic some of us may find we have more time on our hands. As I’ve always done, I’m immersing myself in art. It can help, it can heal. It can make tough days a little more bearable. If you’ve got the time, read a good book, watch a great movie or fill your days with art and music. It will help you get through to better times.


  1. Paraphrasing a proverb that I used to hear in 1970 — referring to marijuana, back then — can now be stated as “Art and music will get you through time of no money, better than money will get you through times of no art or music.”

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