The State Of The Union

I’m usually not a one issue voter. Normally I look at the candidates, and everything they say they will do, what they stand for, their voting records, etc., and vote for the one which I feel will be the best president. Not so this time. I had one requirement. Getting rid of Donald Trump. I felt that he threatened everything I wanted to see our country accomplish. He threatened our freedom, our future, our health and well being. And I voted for the candidate that I felt had the best chance of defeating him. Biden is a moderate but I think with enough pressure he can be pushed to the left. He certainly doesn’t want to become a fascist dictator.

As we wait for January 20th, I’m thinking about the state of our country now. Where are we? Where are we going to go? How hard will it be for us to climb out of the hole Trump dug for us, or will we in fact be able to climb out? There’s lot’s of questions that need answers. Time will tell, I guess.

One thing that Trump has done for us is to expose the true face of the U.S. to the world. Over the last four years whenever some new outrage surfaced from Trump and his ilk, I saw many posts on Facebook saying something like, “this is not who we are.” Well in fact, we’ve had it proven to us that this is who at least half of us are. 71 million people voted for Trump. 71 million people in the U.S. are either racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. or were willing to overlook those glaringly obscene qualities in Trump and vote for him. To my mind, there’s not much difference. You could argue that of course, but you wouldn’t get very far with me.

The U.S. has been knocked off its pedestal. The rest of the world will never again see us as they used to. At least not in my or my children’s lifetimes. A world leader in human rights, in commerce, in government, and all the other things we were looked up to for, are gone. We can now, not be trusted by other countries. We can’t say, “Look, that was Trump, but it’s not us.” Because Trump was us. The president is the leader and representative of the nation. And we as a democracy, voted him in. So that is us. To the rest of the world, we are Trump. Americans are notoriously un-travelled. Most people from other countries travel much more and further than most Americans. If you do travel, especially to Europe you start to understand just how backward we are here. Because of geography, we are isolated from most of the planet. Canada is pretty much just another state and Mexico is a vacation spot. Everyone else in the world are foreigners who are far away and we don’t know much about them. That’s how most Americans view the world.

And we’ve been caught with our pants down. The rest of the world has now seen us in all our glory. And it’s not pretty. Now we’re seen as a bunch of fearful, hateful, Neanderthals who throw shit at each other and everyone else and parade around thinking, we’re all that. And because we voted Trump in as president, we deserve it. It’s not just the one’s who voted for him that are at fault. We all are. We’ve taken our democracy for granted for too long and now we’re paying the price. And we came close to losing it. We should be frightened by what’s happened here. And ashamed. And if we’re not smart enough to learn this lesson then we will lose it, and we’ll deserve it. We allowed Trump to use our Constitution as toilet paper and we should be ashamed of that.

One other thing that Trump has done which I don’t view as bad, is that he exposed Evangelical Christianity for the farce that it is. These charlatans have been stealing money from the guilt of Americans for far too long. They supported a president who stands for nothing that they say they have stood for. Nothing. Anyone who’s ever even stood next to a Bible on a shelf would know that Trump is not a Christian. There’s no way anyone with an I.Q. over 70 could not know that. It just isn’t possible and yet they have been wallowing in his shadow, lavishly heaping their praise on him for years now and convincing millions of their drooling stooges to do the same. It disgusts me.

So that’s the state of the union, to my mind. We have a long way to go, my friends. Will there be healing? I have to be honest and say I don’t think so. Many millions of us won’t learn a damn thing from this. Right now, The Republican party is looking for the next Trump. Right now they are planning the next authoritarian take over. They’ll find their candidate. There are plenty of belly crawling slugs who are willing to say and do anything for power and money. They’ll find him, and I say him because it’ll be another old White guy. There’s no room for women, or people of color, or anyone else except White men in the party. Oh, they have their token women or an occasional Black person but that’s for show. That’s to convince the slug brained Republican voters that they are progressive. That’s how it works. That’s how it’s always worked.

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