Election 2020

I have not made it a secret on this blog that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. Not that I haven’t voted for Republican candidates in the past, because I have where I thought it appropriate, but I cannot abide an ignorant, criminal president. And Trump was ignorant and criminal long before he decided to run for office. To my mind, anyone who was paying attention should have known that. He was a public figure for a long time. His exploits during his presidency are not new. The fact that he was our president says a lot about our country.

Even though the votes are not all counted yet, it’s pretty clear how this is going to go. Joe Biden will be our next president. However, it is not lost on the Republican party that 70 million people voted for Trump. And you can believe that right now, they are looking at Election 2024. Believe it. They are already making plans, looking for candidates who will fulfill their mission. The next Republican presidential candidate will be as, if not more authoritarian than Trump and a heck of a lot smarter.

Since the Democrats did not gain control of the Senate, Biden will look to many as an ineffectual president. Mitch McConnell and his ilk will not suddenly become cooperative with the Democrats. The Republican held Senate will block everything Joe Biden wants to do. They did it with Obama, and they’ll do it with Biden. They want their authoritarian regime and they want it bad. They want power and money and people who lust after such will stop at nothing to get it. You better believe that they’re making their plans, right now.

I am not the one who can tell you what you should do. Other than to say that you should think for yourself. Don’t let politicians tell you what to think, what to believe. They do not, for the most part, have your best interests at heart. I can say that I think you should participate in our Democracy. Don’t take your rights for granted. A friend of mine wrote, “Our rights may be self evident, but they are not self sustaining”. It is necessary to constantly push our government in the direction “we the people” want it to go. If we don’t, we’ll lose it to authoritarianism, fascism, or what ever you want to call it. Remember: those that desire power will stop at nothing to get it. Ever.

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