What to do?

We had our first major snow storm here in Minnesota yesterday. Most of the state saw from 2 to 8 inches of snow. Never before in the recording of weather data have we received that much snow on October the 20th. Our average temperature at this time of year is about 56 degrees F and we have been having temps around 30 to 40 degrees lately. So definitely a cooler Autumn season than is normal for us.

Usually at this time of year I start to settle into a Winter routine of staying home more, staying in the house more and spending more time alone because of the Winter weather. This year of course, has been strange because of the Covid virus. I’ve been isolating myself for months now, so the coming of Winter doesn’t have the same feel to it. It feels weird and out of place. Funny how used to things you can get, even when they are temporary. At least I hope this new way of life is temporary. There’s talk of a vaccine, but who knows? It could be months yet before people can safely congregate.

So, what to do with the Winter months? I’m hoping I’ll be inspired to write more. I haven’t done much, as my readers have noted. Maybe it’s the Covid thing, I don’t know. I need some kind of new energy source. A spark of some kind to get me started. Usually the ideas just flow and I end up having too many ideas. But not lately. Lately I haven’t felt like doing anything. I make a trip to the grocery store a couple times a week and you would think I’d look forward to that, just to go somewhere and see some people. But I don’t. I dread it. I don’t want to go anywhere.

The Doldrums. That’s what it is. “The Doldrums” is a nautical term used to describe a belt around the Earth near the equator, an area of no wind. In the past, sailing ships could get caught there and not be able to move for weeks. Sailors would starve waiting for the wind. They would fight and kill each other for lack of anything else to do. That’s not to say I’m going to kill my neighbors because I’m bored. Not to worry. I just don’t feel like going anywhere. I’m static.

The political situation doesn’t help. There’s nothing new to write about there. Whatever has been written, has been written a hundred times over. We all know what’s happening. Nothing is new in that arena. So I’ve been reading. I have four bookshelves loaded with books I haven’t read. I’m drawn to bookstores, compelled to buy interesting books and then piling them up in a waiting line. Waiting their turn to be read. Well, now’s the time. I’ve got nothing else to do so I’ve been going through my stack and finally catching up.

I’m reading fiction, music, history, philosophy, and a lot of other subjects. It’s all I feel like doing. It could be worse, I could feel like watching television. That would be a lot worse, so I’m glad I’m not there. Although, there are a lot of good documentaries and nature shows I haven’t seen. so who knows. Keep up the good work, mates. Let’s see if we can get through this thing.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean. Even here in New York, where the infection rate is barely above 1%, we don’t look forward to going out.

    Everything seems to take so much energy–a “simple” trip to the grocery store isn’t simple anymore. It’s “where’s my mask?,” “did we forget anything (because we’re not coming back until next week!)?” “did that person just get too close to me?”

    Sure takes the fun out of it all!

    Thanks for the definition of the doldrums–I had no idea that it was a nautical term, and it sure describes how I feel-the wind is out of my sails!

    I’ve been losing myself in mysteries by Charles Todd, his Ian Rutledge series. They take place in England beginning in 1917. The first world war and the “Spanis” flu are all part of the background. Luckily for me there are 23 of them and I’m up to number 11 so that might get me through the winter.

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