Another Day In Paradise

So Word Press, the platform on which this blog is hosted, changed their format for writing, and I’ve had a hard time figuring it out. Just when you think you know what you’re doing, everything changes. I’m not at all opposed to changes unless they don’t make any sense to me. The way the platform worked before was fine. I had it all down and it worked well. Now it doesn’t work well. I suppose somebody behind a desk at Word Press had to justify having a job by making their presence known and convincing the bosses that changes were in order. Now they feel better about themselves.

Well good for them. I’m happy my confusion and frustration could help them feel worthwhile. Paying my yearly fee to use this platform obviously wasn’t enough. They needed a little more skin in the game, a little more blood. Well that’s what I do here. I give. So here ya go Word Press, I’m holding my arm out. Stick the needle in and take some more blood.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on them although the only reason they exist is because people like me use their platform. You would like to think that corporations would show appreciation to their customers by making things as simple to use as possible. OMG! Did you read what I just wrote? I think it’s time to start drinking.

Or maybe drugs. If I am under the illusion that businesses actually care about their customers maybe it’s time that I took mind altering substances. Maybe a little trip down the rabbit hole would set me straight. I kidding of course. It just sets my teeth on edge to go into my Word Press site one day and find the format changed. Well they warned me. They left little hints. A NEW FORMAT IS COMING, they said. And I ignored it. I did. Why, you might ask? Because I didn’t want to think about it. Sort of like the Enormous Bug Blatter Beast of Traal, in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. The most ravenous beast in the galaxy, but also so stupid that it assumes if you can’t see it, then it can’t see you. So if you don’t look at it, you’re perfectly safe. I’m assuming that’s what happened. If i ignore it, it will go away. Well it didn’t go away.

So here I am, battling a new writing platform. For you the reader, nothing has changed. It’s the behind the scenes stuff that’s changed, the way the system works. However, I’ve been writing so little these days that it hardly matters. I’ll get it eventually and things will be fine.

I’m sensing that part of my frustration is connected to the general sense of frustration I feel about life these days. The virus epidemic, and the way government is going. That feeling of being on a sinking ship with Donald Trump as Captain. Not having any idea of what to do he’s wringing his hands trying to save himself while the rest of us drown. Maybe we could stuff Trump into the hole in the ship, using him as a plug. That might work.

One comment

  1. In the capitalism of the 1800’s, companies usually were owned by Vanderbilt or Carnegie or some old white guy that everyone resented, and cartoonists lambasted. In 2020 capitalism, corporations are owned by hundreds of thousands of nameless faceless soccer moms, baby boomers, even that guy in the Prius who cut in front of you at Menard’s. Young pups in Silicon Valley can change your Word Press, just because.


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