I’m Done

As I do on many mornings, while walking my dog I formulated ideas for a new article for the blog. I was going to write about 3rd party candidates and why I don’t think they have a chance of winning presidential elections. I was going to write about how people will convince themselves of what they want to believe whether it’s the truth or not. I was going to say that I think we should have publicly paid for elections where many parties could run and everyone would have a fair chance. I was going to say all these things to try to convince people to open their minds and think about a wider world. But I’ve changed my mind.

Recently I’ve been carefully going over the news. Watching all the political wrangling, and especially paying attention to how people think and why. The more I try to understand why people think and do the things they do, the more confused I get. So I’m done. I’m not going to write about any of this anymore. The more I try to get people to open their minds, the more they close them. And the more people close their minds, the worse things get. I’m not helping. I’m not. You might say that we need voices like mine. We need people to think clearly and my voice is needed. But you’d be wrong.

When I was eighteen I went to work for the Malt O Meal cereal company. I found that Malt O Meal makes bagged cereal under many different brands, beside their own. The cereal is exactly the same in every bag, but with different labels on the front. I knew people however who refused to believe it. They were convinced that one brand was better than another. They were convinced that they could taste the difference. Even though Malt O Meal put exactly the same cereal in each bag, there were people who would always buy one brand over another because they convinced themselves that they were different. And I still know many people who think this way today.

People don’t like change. They hate it so much that they will believe things that aren’t true just so that they can remain comfortable. They convince themselves of a reality that they create so their world isn’t disturbed by change. And this is where all our problems lie. I’ve tried for a long time to get people to see this. I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I continue to fail. So I’m done. I’m not going to write about it anymore. I’ve given up, I’m done. It’s actually kind of freeing in a way. I’ve convinced myself that I have a duty to try to inform people. To try and help them see from a different point of view. I’ve finally realized that it doesn’t work.

I will continue to write the blog, but I’ll write about subjects that I’m interested in. I’ll write about the weather, about astronomy, poetry and whatever else comes to mind. I hope you’ll continue to read it and I will continue to hope that things will change for the better. But I will not try to convince people to change their minds about anything. I’m done.


  1. This is the first ever blog post I read from you, and it made me sit up straight.
    You are so right. We can never change people’s minds by telling them they are wrong.
    They will react by doing what we do: by telling us we are wrong.
    What we CAN do is share positivity, art, uplifting messages.
    We can shift the balance away from hate en narrow mindedness.
    Good luck with your blog and your life!


  2. Hi, I understand how you feel. I’ve found your blog in an effort to seek out kindred spirits. So thanks for sharing. I’ll have to go and read more of your old posts.


  3. Facts don’t seem to matter to some people, but your writing does, whether it’s about politics or not! As a writer, I feel it is my purpose to keep writing what is true and intriguing. People are people and we’re all going through this together. P.S. Does Nfld still smell like Malt-O-Meal cereal?

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  4. These times are extremely discouraging, scary, and sickening to me. I have no doubt that you have influenced others, but I can also see why you would be frustrated in the effort. Take a break and then see if you want to go back in that direction someday out there in the future. If not, that’s fine. In the meantime, keep on writing and putting it out for us in your blog!

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