The Current State Of Affairs

The upcoming Presidential election has been on my mind quite a bit lately. I have a desire to not be overly political in my writing, but if you have read my articles, you know I routinely fail at this. In past Presidential elections many people have said that this is the most important election of your life, for many reasons. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. This one I fear, may in fact be one of the most important. For this reason, I’m writing about it.

We’ve had almost four years under Donald Trump. It has become readily apparent since the beginning what Trump is about. He’s about himself. Virtually everything he say’s and does is a direct desire of his for more money and power. I cannot remember one unselfish action that he has taken. Many things he has done have been lauded by him to be good for the country or for certain populations of the country but all things lead back to him in one form or another. Everything he has done has brought us harm in various forms. There’s no need to go into detail because I’m not trying to convince you. I’m simply stating my opinion.

That being said, If we’re not supporters of Trump, then we need him gone. Given more time in office I believe, he would be disastrous. We’ve seen that Police/military/private citizens are willing to fight against our own citizens for Trump. We’ve seen the results of dictatorships throughout history. We’ve seen the results of people who become drunk on power. There will always be people willing to follow such “leaders”, imagining glory for themselves. In all the pages of history, none of these situations has ever turned out good. Trump has already caused a lot of harm to the country, aided and abetted by the Republican party. The time has come to end this, before it gets to big to end.

I know there are many who don’t like Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. And there are good reasons. The question arises in my mind, which is worse? Trump or Biden. Who will do the most damage? Which one is more likely to follow the Constitution? There are many questions like that, that conscientious voters should ask themselves. And Biden and Trump are not the only candidates. There is a whole list of third party candidates running for president. There are some who feel they cannot vote for Trump or Biden for various reasons. But what does that mean?

Most third party candidates have never come close to winning an election. Most don’t have the resources to get their names and faces out to the public. Most have not had the exposure they need to overtake a major party and for that reason, most don’t get anywhere near enough votes. The U.S. is used to two parties, Democrat and Republican and humans don’t like change. They like what they’re used to and will vote that way. There will be people however who will vote for them. Their motives in doing so are usually moral in nature. They feel that the major candidates are just not right for us.I understand this, but I also understand that sometimes we have to go against what we ourselves want for the good of the country. Sometimes we have to pick the lesser of two evils. Why? Because they force our hands.

I really think it would be disastrous to have Trump continue in office. I think it would be less so with Biden. I’m sure many third party candidates would make good presidents but I feel it would be selfish of me to vote for one. I know what I want, but what about the rest of the country? I think we need to vote for what’s best for the majority and also vote for the best candidate who can win. If we vote for someone who we feel will be a good president but has almost no chance of winning, were taking our vote away from the one has has the best chance of winning. And maybe that candidate isn’t the greatest. The question is, can we then work on that problem after their elected? We’ve seen what has happened with Trump. There’s no changing him. But with Biden, I think we have a chance. I don’t think Biden has any designs on Dictatorship.

These are my own opinions. People will of course, do what they think is best. Once while voting I overheard a conversation between and elderly husband and wife. They were both in voting booths next to me. The wife said, ” Who is (insert candidate name)? The husband said, “He’s the one we saw on the TV last night.” The wife said, “Oh, he’s a nice looking young man! I’m going to vote for him.” This unfortunately, happens all too often. Let’s make our votes count.

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