A New Book

I’m going to start reading a new book soon. It’s called, “A Good Time For The Truth, Race In Minnesota”. I’ve studied a wide variety of subjects throughout my life with no more reason behind it other than a desire to know. I have an insatiable curiosity that pushes me to learn, to know. I’m not much of a people person so it’s not for the sake of discussing things with others that I want to learn, and beyond that, I can’t explain it. I just want to know things.

Studying race, racism, and human cruelty in general has always been difficult for me. I can’t do it for very long without turning away from the subject. I feel a repulsion for the cruelty of humans toward each other and maybe that comes from the belief that we all, all humans have the potential to be cruel to each other. How we turn out as adults is a result of many factors as we know, from our parents, our environment, our friends, etc. Which means that given different circumstances I too, could be racist, I could be cruel and in-human toward others. It very nearly makes me physically ill to think about. For that reason, I can’t think about it for long.

And the question of human cruelty, including racism and other forms always swings around to religious belief for me. Where did we, the human species, come from? Were we created, by a God, or some other entity we can’t imagine, or are we just a collection of random molecules that came together and evolved accidentally into a higher life from? If we evolved from lower life forms then it’s easy to understand how people can be hateful and cruel or loving and kind. If we were created, purportedly by a perfect God (as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity would have it) then why were we created so imperfectly. Is this life some sort of game. played on a cosmic scale by beings we have no knowledge of? Are we nothing more than a giant chess board in space, our creators waiting to see what move we make next? Are we an amusement?

I’ve recently begun to study the weather, and climate. Not a totally benign subject when it comes to human cruelty. The dumping of poisons into our environment is a form of human cruelty. Based on fear and greed the things we have done to our world affect climate, and to a degree, the weather. But back to this new book. “A Good Time For The Truth”, is a collection of 16 essays edited by Sun Yung Shin, about race in Minnesota. I think it will be good, and informative and I hope it gives me some new insights into my home state. As I stated before, none of us are perfect, all of us have a potential we’d rather not think about, but how else do we root out the evil within us?

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