The Window

I’ve been looking over my blog stats today and discovered some interesting things. At least to me. I started this blog on December 1st, 2012. So this December, I’ll have been writing it for 8 years. Wow! My dog Sophie was a year old when I started it so she’ll be 9 this December. I have 600 followers between Facebook, Twitter and email. I’ve posted 595 posts and have had over 21000 views.

In blog land however, none of those numbers are impressive. There are blogs that have hundreds of thousands of followers and thousands of posts. I never meant this to be anything other than a place to be creative, a place to post my poetry and ideas, so to have 600 followers is a big deal to me. I love you all for reading my writing, for commenting on it, and for continuing to come back here to see what I’m up to. You are all very much appreciated!

So that’s all I have to say today. I’m fresh out of ideas. The current situation we find ourselves in in the U.S. is overwhelming to say the least and at this time I don’t have anything to say that would be helpful. So I won’t. See you all soon!

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