End Of The Year

I haven’t written a post in a while now, and my last few have been haiku because really, I seem to find less and less that I’m interested in writing about. I went out in public yesterday. I know this may not seem like a big deal for most people, but I don’t go out much. And with good reason. Yesterday I went to a book store, one of my favorite places. I tried to go down an isle, and found it blocked by a mother and kids. I tried the next isle, and found this one blocked as well. The third isle was also blocked by a young man (probably in his 20’s) sitting on the floor. I resolved to make it through this isle.

As I approached the young man I noticed he had the index finger of his right hand firmly inserted into his nose. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I was lucky enough to get a box of Cracker Jack caramel corn. Not being patient enough to wait until I ate most of it, I would shove my hand all the way down in that box until I found the prize at the bottom, and then slowly work the prize out of the box.

The young man extracted his prize as I got closer, and then worked to dislodge it from his finger. I had to squeeze past him, because he didn’t move, and so I wasn’t actually able to see if he in fact was successful. Is it any wonder that I often feel that humans have very few redeeming qualities and the best we should hope for in fact, is a giant meteor? Is it too much to hope for that I have a pleasant experience around other people? Apparently so, for this is what I get when I leave my house.

On a brighter note, I’ve had a head cold for two weeks! I took a class given by a friend on the Irish Gaelic language and had to miss the last one because my cold got so bad. What I have left is sinus drainage and coughing. And I’m going to learn to play the flute. I’m actually going to take some lessons.

So Christmas is nearly upon us and then it’ll be on to another year. As I reflect on the past year I find that it was a pretty good year over all. Personally, that is. The rest of the world seems to be coming apart, but my world seems to be getting better. Mostly because I stay home. So Happy Holidays, everyone, and Happy New Year!

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