A Letter To Trump Supporters

It’s time to be honest with myself. It’s time to give up. I just can’t do it any more. I’ve tried, I’ve really tried, and I’ve failed. Remembering back when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president and I was still a working man, I tried to help the people I knew understand what kind of person he was. I tried way back then to get them to research him, his life, his policies, and his character. Honestly, I thought if people did this they would see that a man like this is unfit for the presidency. I was wrong. It didn’t help. Way back then, many of them had already drunk the Kool Aid (If you don’t understand this reference, read this).

Yesterday I had some on line dealings with Trump supporters. Again, I tried to reason with them. Some of them I’ve know for several years, liked and respected them. It was an absolute failure. How decent, reasonable, Christian people can support a person with the character of Donald Trump is completely beyond me. Not only have the drunk the Kool Aid, but they pat themselves on the back for doing it. The cult following that these people have fallen into has wholly swallowed them and they love it. They revel in it. They celebrate their inclusion in the racism, bigotry, misogyny, and hate filled rhetoric of this Man-child president. They cheer him on as he destroys America’s relationship with it’s long time allies, and aligns himself with dictators. They ignore his lies and deliberately broken promises and blame the media while ignoring the fact that everything we know about Trump comes straight from his own mouth. No one has to make up anything about Trump. He freely gives you all you need to know about him simply by listening to his own words. And his supporters blame the media.

I finally understand that I cannot appeal to any sense I thought they might have. Some of these people call themselves Christian. What I used to believe about Christian people, the way they behave, the good they believe in, is evidently wrong. What I have always understood is that Christians follow Christ. Well I can tell you, I’ve read the words of Christ, many times. The only time I remember him resorting to name calling, was when he was talking about the Scribes and Pharisees, the bad guys of the New Testament. Jesus was about love. He was about acceptance. He was about healing. He was about taking care of people. What he wasn’t about, was the things the Scribes and Pharisees were about. The things that Trump is about.

Jesus never publicly mocked crippled people. He never advocated putting people in cages. He never aligned himself with dictators or ruthless rulers. He never blamed others for his own shortcomings. And he never drank the Kool Aid. Many Christians don’t know this Jesus today. They follow a different one. And I cannot help them.

I titled this post, “A Letter To Trump Supporters”. But it’s really a confession. I really thought I could make a difference. I really thought if I just appealed to their better nature and the fact that everything I’ve said here can be looked up and verified, they would see what a danger having a president like Trump would bring, they would see the truth. But I was wrong. They were waiting for a cult leader to come along that they could attach to. A person who emulates all the feelings they’ve had to keep bottled up for so long because those feelings weren’t socially acceptable. And Donald Trump was their man. He made it alright to hate people. He made it alright to despise people. He made it alright. No wonder they love him. He says exactly what they’ve been feeling all along. The Jesus they follow is not the one I came to know, when I wanted to be a Christian, all those years ago.

So this is a confession, a testament to what I’ve tried to do and an admitting of failure. I can’t do it. They’ve drunk the Kool Aid and they’re enjoying the after effects. They have their cult and they love their leader. The problem is that they are destroying themselves in the process. And when Trump is gone, and they finally realize the filth they have covered themselves in, it will be too late. I just hope it’s not to late for all of us.


  1. Trump et al. says its okay to be a sandpaper asswipie, so that is what they have become. It’s good to be an orange turd. They will never be anything else. Trump is their new messiah, even when he is pissing in their mouths and shitting on their faces. “Long live the king! The Emporer’s got no clothes!”


  2. It’s not just in your country I’m sad to say, we’ve Boris over here, and it doesn’t matter what horrible and nasty things he says, there are still plenty of people who think he’s the bees knees, i can tell them of things he’s said or done (like not wanting to take responsibility for his extra marital children), making our citiziens’ lives worse when they are already stuck in a hole of a prison in another country for no reason, not even a bad reason, and mocking our female muslim community, I can give them resources if they don’t believe me, they just go quiet and then forget all about it. Sometimes people will only listen to their own uneducated council.


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