Morning Thoughts

I awoke this morning from the jolting insistence of my alarm clock, remembering a dream. Years ago I tried one of those alarms that gently wake you with a rising volume of beautiful harp music. It was useless, as I slept right through it. So I’ve settled on the “GET UP, YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE” variety. Apparently I need to be slapped awake. This morning’s dream was one I like to call my “casual observer” dream. In these dreams I literally observe the action, never involved, never reacting, no matter how bizarre they are. This morning it was duck hunters, shooting ducks from car windows while being involved in a road accident. Once, not long after my wife died I had a dream about her that was so vivid, so real, that I sat on the edge of my bed for ten minutes afterward convincing myself that this, sitting on the edge of the bed, was actual reality and not a dream. I don’t like those dreams.

After shutting down the squawking box I got up, peed, and weighed myself, a ritual I’ve adopted since going on a diet. This morning I’m at 188 pounds. 12 pounds of weight loss after 40 days of dieting is slow, but steady. It seems to me I remember 40 days being significant for a number of things but apparently not for losing weight. The problem is, I’ve been at 188 pounds for five days now, a phenomenon called “plateauing” by dieters. It seems after you cut your calorie intake, your body can get used to that, and you stop losing weight. I hope that’s not where I’m at, but later I will look up ways to jump start a diet plateau.

Everything outside was wet this morning from an overnight rain. As Sophie and I walked through the park, ducks, not being shot at, squawk at us from the flooded river banks, an indication that we’ve had way too much rain this season. I think of area farmers with fields too muddy to harvest their crops, and because of Chinese tariffs, having no one to sell them to. At six a. m., we walk through relative quiet. I say relative, because I live near a highway which even at this predawn hour, always seems to be busy. I have friends that live closer to the road than I do and have referred to their home as “Traffic View Estates.” I miss the country. I lived for six years at a house by a lake and it was so quiet at times you could hear your own blood flow through your head. Surrounded on three sides by farm fields, there was an abundance of wild life. Eagles and deer, coyotes, and all manner of four footed and winged creatures. Loons would stop on the lake during their Spring and Fall migrations. But it was not to last, unfortunately, and now I live in town.

Making the best of it however, we have a lovely park system filled with walking trails. If we choose, and the trail isn’t flooded as it is now, we can walk for miles without crossing a road. Joggers and bikers are also in abundance, but at six in the morning we have the trail almost to ourselves. And that’s the reason for the alarm clock. I’m retired, and don’t have to get up that early, but I enjoy the solitude.

So here we are, in 2019, our country faced with the sad fact of having to impeach our president. To get to this point is a complete failure of our democratic system. It is not, I repeat, not the failure of one person. Don’t make the mistake of blaming it all on the president. He’s had a lot of help along this road, from both sides of the aisle. It is my not so humble opinion that our government needs to be redone from the top down. Virtually everything about our system has been twisted and used to the advantage of the wealthy and powerful while you and me get blamed and pay the price. We need to start over.

Well, that is my rant for this week, hopefully it will give you something to think about. And in the mean time, don’t shoot ducks from your car window, causing an accident. You’ll wind up in my dream.

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  1. The impeachment process is not apt to lead to removal of Trump by the U.S. Senate. My hope is that during the next year we will shine the light on lots of dishonest, greedy things being done by individuals across the political spectrum.

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