A Well Oiled Machine

When I woke up this morning, it was raining. My dog Sophie and I go out early for our daily walk and we do this because Sophie is a jerk toward other dogs. So we go early before other people are out walking their dogs. It helps keep things running smoothly for us, as well as others. The rain was light when we went out but we only got to the park shelter about two blocks away from our house before the rain increased. So we sat for awhile to see if the rain would let up. While we sat watching the traffic on the highway, I started thinking about all the things troubling our country, our society today. It seems to me that society can be compared to a machine, let’s say a car for instance. I’m pretty sure I didn’t come up with this on my own, pretty sure I’ve heard it before but it’s a good analogy so let’s go with that.

Most of us are familiar with automobiles. We all at least have a cursory idea of how a car works. There are lots of parts. Gears, levers, switches, and other things that all go together and when working properly, keep the car running well. Comparing our society to a car, I’d have to say that the car isn’t running all that well. Neglecting the brakes, or the power steering, or any other parts will cause it to break down. All the parts need to be looked after, maintained and treated well for the car to stay in good running shape and do what it was intended to do.

In society, when we have poverty, or inequality, greed or neglect of any of the parts that make up the whole, it will break down. All the people, all of the things we own, everything we have built are a part of the machine of society. Neglect some of it, and it starts running badly. Neglect it long enough and it stops working. Right now, there’s lots of things breaking down. If we don’t see this as important our society, like a broken down car, is going to be left on the side of the road. We need to fix it. But before we can do that, everyone needs to see that it needs fixing. In order to fix it, everyone has to do their part. Everyone needs to realize that everyone else is as important as they are. We cannot afford to neglect the needs of anyone. You can’t toss out one of the gears from the transmission of your car and expect it to keep running as well as it did. In a manual transmission you can skip a gear by revving the engine to a higher RPM and shift that way, but continually revving the engine up to do that will eventually cause other problems. In society, it’s the same. We can’t continue to have people living in poverty, can’t continue with our greed or racism, or whatever, without causing new problems. We just can’t.

Democrats can’t say they want it all their way. Doesn’t work. Our president can’t keep breaking the law and going against the Constitution. Doesn’t work. We can’t keep letting greed steer the bus. It’ll crash. We have to somehow realize that all the parts of society are important. Male, female, or non-binary. Gay, straight, or otherwise. Black, white, and all colors, Muslim, Christian, and all faiths, or no faith. Republican, Democrat, or other affiliations. We are all part of the machine of society. None of us can be neglected for long without repercussions. And none of us can rise above others and not expect backlash. We all need to see our own importance and equality with all others. You can’t take loving care of the engine in your car while neglecting the brakes. You WILL have problems if you do.

Today the topic absorbing the news is our president. Even if you are a Trump supporter you need to realize this kind of thing can’t go on. We can’t have president who does the things he does. It’s like throwing a handful of sand into the gears of the machine. The machine will break down, and sooner than you think. We need a well oiled, well maintained machine from the top to the bottom. Every piece of the machine is important and has to be looked after well in order for it all to run well. It’s time for change.

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