Cooking For One

I’m single, and live by myself. And I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wife dearly, and the last two years of getting used to being without her have been hard. She died of cancer two years ago in July and the grieving process is never ending. It has gotten a lot better and life is good again. I am comfortable living alone. One of the most difficult things about living alone, for me anyway, is not loneliness, or not having anyone to talk to. It’s cooking for one. As most of you know, because I’ve been quite loud about it, I’ve decided to lose weight. I got up to 200 pounds and I don’t like it. I’m uncomfortable and It’s unhealthy. Losing weight is difficult. And when you only cook for yourself, it’s even harder.

Recipes I find online invariably lean toward cooking for a family. But there are a lot of them focused on cooking for two. You can even find some that are for one, but when I insert “low calorie cooking for one” into the search bar my computer starts to cry. It snivels and whines and tries to bite me. Finally it slinks off into a corner and mutters to itself about how cruel I am. When finally I convinced the poor thing to cooperate it showed me a recipe for Sweet potato bacon kale hash. And another called Tart cherry tuna stuffed avocado. “What the hell is this stuff?” I yelled. After which my computer revolted, looked up a therapist for computers, and then completely shut down.

Kidding aside, it’s really hard to find plain recipes that are low calorie and made for one person. When you do find them, they’re for stuff you’ve never heard of, and things you don’t want to eat. I never considered myself a picky eater but, Sweet potato bacon kale hash? Really? This is the stuff I’m relegated to if I want to lose weight? I’ve eaten Kale. It’s nasty. Here’s a tip: Just because it grows, doesn’t mean you should put it in your mouth.

So what is one to do? I’ve said in earlier posts that I don’t need to have gourmet meals. I eat because I have to. But it’s still good to have variety and flavor. I guess I’m going to have to come up with some inventive stuff on my own. And none of it will include Kale. I like Chinese food but invariably the sodium is so high you could start your own salt mine. And the sugar, oh my gosh. I looked up General Tso’s chicken online. One order at a restaurant contains 1577 calories, 2327 mg of sodium and 62 grams of sugar. I had to stop typing for a minute after reading that just to talk my brain into not having a meltdown. I can’t believe it can be that bad for you. This is obviously going to take some work. No wonder it’s hard to lose weight. Nothing we eat is good for us, unless we want to eat Kale. And I don’t. Alright? Just, no.

So I’m going to do some research. After my computer has seen a therapist for a few weeks and comes to grips with what I want from it, I’ll let you know what I’ve found. In the mean time, I’ll just graze on my lawn.

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