European Motorbikes

On Saturday the 14th a local pub hosted a European Motorbike gathering. The “Contented Cow” has been doing this for about six years now and it’s a small gathering but it was fun. I took my little scooter there. It’s a restored 1966 125 cc, 4 speed scooter sold through the Sears catalog under the Allstate brand. Made by the Piaggio company in Italy, it’s essentially a Vespa, made in the same factory, on the same assembly line, to the same standards as the Vespa’s of the time.

There were Ducati’s, Triumph’s, Norton’s, BMW’s and even a Royal Enfield which is now being made in India but is still a British bike. There was also a KTM from Austria which a friend said looked like a Transformer! Lot’s of motorcycle enthusiasts admired the machines and as mine was the only scooter there, it got lot’s of attention. Riders came from as far away as Minneapolis to join in the fun of admiring, and talking about European bikes.

The day was warm and the sun was out. Perfect riding weather.

Motorcycle lovers take great care of their bikes.

It was a good time and I got to meet some nice folks. I’m glad that people appreciate things of the past. I like American motorcycles too but lot’s of jokes were made about Harleys dripping oil, and in the shop more often than on the road! I’ll look forward to going again next year.

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  1. My big brother had a BSA 650 (British) back around 1963, and I later had a Jawa 350, made in Czechoslovakia. Thanks, Butch.

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