Observing And Wondering

This morning has been a great morning for observing and wondering. I stood for a while at my bedroom window and watched four Nuthatch’s playing in my backyard tree. They flitted around the branches, chasing each other and squawking at one another. I also watched a little Downy Woodpecker totally ignoring them while banging away on the tree. Then I watched my neighbors dog. No bigger than a football, it bounced around their backyard barking at grass or leaves or whatever it found that it didn’t understand. The high pitched yapping was annoying, and I’m across the street. The owners of the dog on the other hand, were just inside the house and yet did nothing to stop the dog from going on and on. I wondered how they could ignore that.

Down the street on the next intersection there is a guy who has four cars and a motorcycle in his driveway and five more cars surrounding his house on the street. He also has a sailboat and a couple trailers filled with junk. The yard is also filled with junk. I watched him come out of his house and put more junk in one of the trailers. I wondered what that was all about and I wondered why the city lets him do it.

I heard sirens going off several times already today and wondered what kind of trouble they were for. A fire perhaps, or speeders, or accidents. I heard chainsaws and lawnmowers. I checked my mail and wondered why I get twice as much junk mail as useful mail. I wondered if I shouldn’t put my recycling container next to my mailbox so the mail person can just deposit the junk mail in there instead of the mailbox. Then I wondered if the guy who collects junk down on the corner might like my junk mail.

After all that excitement I took a look at Facebook. I found that our president stated that he was giving illegal orders to U.S. companies to stop doing business with China. And he also said he was ordering delivery companies such as UPS and Fed Ex to stop delivering Fentanyl from China. This made me wonder if he’s that ignorant of our constitution or if he thinks he can get away with it or he just says stuff to rile people up. And it also made me wonder just what Nancy Pelosi is waiting for. It made me wonder how much illegal stuff the president will do before someone with authority says, enough is enough.

Later I found my dog twisted into a pretzel shape in the corner. I wondered if I tried to do that myself if I’d have to be extracted by the jaws of life. Now I’m starting to wonder what I should have for lunch. Being retired, I have a lot of time to observe and wonder. Sometimes the wondering drives me crazy because I just don’t get why things are the way they are. What causes people to be greedy or uncaring? What causes apathy? What causes my neighbor to allow his dog to yap on and on and on? What causes another man to want to collect and surround himself with junk? And I wondered why I care so much while some others care so little. I don’t know the answers, but some times I wonder.

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