New Page

If you look at the black bar that is right below the photo above, and right above this post, you’ll see some headings there. About, haiku, etc. Today you’ll find a new one titled, “The Tea Blog”. I’ve decided to write about tea. I’ve spent a long time writing about much more serious subjects and I’ll continue to do so, but I’ve found that after awhile I need a break from seriousness. The state of our union is such that I can only take so much. Politics and writing about the political situation in the U.S. really gets to me after awhile. So I need something else to concentrate on.

I like to drink tea but I’ve never learned much about it. So the new page will help with that. I’ll discover all kinds of things about tea and relay them to you, the reader. If it gets popular I may turn it into it’s own blog. So I’ll post a notice when I’ve posted a new article on the Tea Blog. Enjoy!

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