A Minnesota Summer

There’s a storm coming, I can feel it. My head has been blocked up all day. It feels like having my head inside a big metal can with my ears stuffed with cotton. Not that I would know how that feels but, I can imagine. Previously, the day had been sunny and hot. 90 degrees on the 4th of June is hot. Now it’s cloudy and getting dark in the Northwest. I heard a distant rumble of thunder. Anytime it gets to 90 degrees in early June you know you’re getting a storm. Here it comes.

I’m not afraid of storms, in fact I quite like them. Thunder and lightning, rain and wind. They’re exciting. But storms can be dangerous so a little preparation never hurts. I’ll unplug the computer, charge my cell phone and find my flashlight. The power can go out. Lightning can strike, blowing out your electronics. I’m hearing more thunder now. The anticipation is palpable. Here comes the rain and wind. All my windows are closed and my air conditioner still works. With any luck the temperature will go down after the storm and I can open the windows. I don’t like the air conditioning but my dog, who is half Husky, half Malamute can’t handle the heat. So I put it on, but only on the hottest days. Having Winter for half the year requires us hardy Minnesotans to keep our windows shut with the heat on. So I really love Spring when you can throw them open and breath air that doesn’t have a taste.

The rain and wind quit as suddenly as they appeared. Now the trees are dead still. Not a good sign. It means Nature is gearing up for a blast. Just wait, it says. The best is yet to come. A long time ago I had a girlfriend who was afraid of storms. It was a warm mid summer night and the lightning and thunder were beautiful. I was standing in the open doorway watching it and I tried to get her to come stand with me. She wouldn’t do it. I kept trying and finally she came over. I was explaining how beautiful I thought the storm was when suddenly lightning hit the tree right across the street. Searing heat and light along with the loudest noise I had ever heard. She screamed the second loudest noise I ever heard and turned and ran for cover. I laughed at the absurdity of the chances of that actually happening and she cursed my name for an hour. Good storm memories.

Now the thunder is being more persistent. A continuous low rumble but still no wind. We’re going to get it good. I just looked at the radar and there’s a huge red blob bearing down on us from the Northwest. It looks angry. Well, it is storm season after all. The pressure in my head is building. With any luck at all, no one will be hurt.

I took a break while writing this because the storm finally broke. It was wild. 60 to 85 mile per hour winds in places. My big Maple trees were rocking pretty good. Heavy rain and wind. We’ve had copious amounts of rain this spring and in a lot of areas the ground is saturated which means that big trees could come down in the wind. The temperature has dropped by about 20 degrees and now I have my windows open. Unfortunately we have more bad weather ahead. In a couple hours we’ll get hit again. Storms after dark are the worst. You can’t see what’s happening. Oh well, we have to take it as it comes.

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