In anticipation of an event, I wait. I wait for the plumber. I wait in line. I wait for news from a friend. I wait for a call. I wait. We all it seems, wait an awful lot during our short lives. Wait for the harvest. Wait for the school bus. Wait for your plane to arrive. Wait for that package. We wait for Spring. I can’t wait, you say. But you can. You have to. You can’t always get what you want. You have to wait. What a complicated thing, life is. We’ve made it that way. Society, money, love, taxes, government, work, play. All complicated. And you must wait. Wait for it all to happen. You can’t just jump in the car and leave when the weather gets cold. You have to wait for your vacation. Wait for a promotion, wait for a lover. Wait for the game. The game of waiting. And what do we do when we’re waiting. As much as we can squeeze in. Because there’s so much to do. Bills to pay. Food to buy. Things to fix. Snow to shovel. Friends to see. So many things.

Our lives are filled with things. Material things and ideas. We have to manage it all. Get it all done. And then, more things appear. As soon as you finish one thing you were waiting for, you have another thing to wait for. And more. Always and forever. Until the end of your life. And what did you do with your life? You waited. It seems that you should be able to get paid for waiting, seeing how you do so much of it. Unfortunately most of the time the things you are waiting for are things you have to pay for. Waiting for the doctor, etc. Doesn’t seem right some how. Complicated. That’s what it is. We wait for the weekend, those who work, anyway. So we can enjoy time off. And then we grocery shop, and clean, and do laundry, and take the kids to their events. And then Monday morning we go back to work. And wait for the next weekend. Or vacation. Or whatever. We look forward to things we’re waiting for.

Well, the plumber came. That’s what I was waiting for. Now I’ll wait for a clean drain. And to pay for it. And then I’ll wait for the next one to clog up. But that’s okay. I can wait.

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  1. Butch, this is another true gem. I agree with you, that it’s wise to be able to wait when there is a good reason for the delay.

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