belly crawling, skin sheading,
panting after desires madmen, rule.

Sick, twisted, self-worshipping
madmen rule. Rule countries,
rule parties, rule lives.

Back biting, back stabbing,
hating, racist life sucking madmen
rule. Hey Ho I got my finger
on the button.

Mess with me pal, and that’s it
for you and your country.

No more rights for you, or you
either. No. More. ‘cause I say. I’m the
president an’ you’re not.

Toilet tweeting, look at me now
has-been ruler appeals to the
basest instincts of human nature.
Survival, grab everything you can,
to hell with everyone else.

Power and money are the twin gods,
To be worshipped above all,
Before air, food or water, before
human beings, before love.

Madmen exemplify the base instincts,
worship them as gods, made
in their own image.

Made in their own image.

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