Two Poems

Here’s a couple poems that came to me today.


staring at life.
Life is not like a box of chocolates.
Life is a box of cereal.
or cinnamon.
Life is original.
Life is cinnamon?
On the grocery store shelf
sits Life.
A whole row of Life.
Original or Cinnamon.
Life is sad, mad, sorry and mean.
Life is long and life is lean.
Life is crunchy, Life is tough.
Life is touching, life is rough.
Funny how you look all your life,
how you wonder, what is
the meaning of life.
When all the time it’s been
right here on this grocery shelf.
Life is here in a cardboard box.
Original or Cinnamon.

Waiting For The Coffee Maker

It burps and farts
spits and drips
gurgles like an
upset stomach
wheezes and groans
and sighs
and farts again
the black juice
dribbles into
the pot
bean squeezin’s
that no one in
their right mind
would think
of putting in
their mouth
and yet they do
over and over

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