Status Quo

another man dead
another family grieves
another life wasted
people ask why
why why why
the roots of racism
are easy to see
if you look with
the right spirit
when you are
used to superiority
feels like oppression
equality breeds fear
in those who
feel superior
fear breeds hate
hate makes people
strike out
at that which
makes them afraid
easy access to guns
history of fighting
for freedom
from an oppressive
and taming the
wild west with
second amendment
a constitution
written by white men
for white men
excludes women
children blacks natives
white men have
felt superior
when they begin
to lose this
they become afraid
fear begets hate
hate begets death
there has always
been racism
simmering below
the surface
until now
they will
maintain the
status quo
maintain the
at all costs

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