heard a guy on the radio say,
“i was workin’ like a dog.”
now my dog sleeps most of
the time so me sayin’ “i
was workin’ like a dog” would
mean i was doin’ mostly nothin’.
i don’t know why i think of
these things. they just come
and go. thoughts in an’ out
like flies buzzin’ and the
heat makes the cicadas buzz
an’ it sounds like the whine
on an old radio. an’ the frogs
along the pond do their part
to add to the noise and
pretty soon i’m wishin’ i was
somewhere quiet where this
symphony by john glass or somebody
won’t leak in. cars fly by
motorin’ somewhere the driver
thinks they need to be
makin’ altogether too much noise
an’ dogs with some energy bark
at nothin’. an’ me, i’m jus’
lookin’ for some quiet an’
a good cigar an’ not findin’
none of it. an’ the radio
finally tunes in an’ i hear an
old song which reminds me why
i love music an’ the wife
she starts to sway an’
sings softly to the tune an’
things really are pretty good
here an’ i don’t really have
much to complain about
but i do. sometimes.

One comment

  1. Another great piece, Butch!

    First time I heard anybody say “working like a dog,” it was John Lennon in the song, “Hard Day’s Night.”


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