Prelude To A Nightmare

The deck shudders and tilts beneath my feet
as I run to nowhere.
Grabbing the rail, people slide by screaming
and the ship breaks with the sounds of

Debris flung into the air as so many discarded
pieces and string quartet music floats laden with meaning.
I cling to the rail now as my world ends.
Letting go I fall and as the icy cold death
that is the North Atlantic welcomes me
into her waiting bosom I jolt awake
and sit on the edge of the berth.
The dream sheds itself from my mind
like water running from the sides of an
upended ship.

As I make my way to the water closet
the floor beneath my feet shifts
and my cabin door bangs open.
The music of a string quartet wafts down
the companion way and the sound of running feet
increases, as the screaming begins.

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