The Sounds That Owls Make

owls at night
an alliance, once existed here.
a mutual understanding, a
binding force, a balance.
plants, animals and humans.
an alliance of all things.
life and death were natural
and understood. then
the worship of Gods came
for humans. and Humans
became self important.
rising above nature, Humans
wanted more. afraid of death
they poured their energy
into living longer.
afraid of death, they took
more than their share.
leaving the alliance of nature
behind, they conquered.
Taking, Destroying, Using
and Throwing Away.
unbeknownst to humans,
Nature will now leave
them behind.
it is evident in weather,
in natural forces.
it is evident in the cry of
a coyote, in the earthquake,
and in the sounds owls make.
humans have conquered themselves.

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