Sunday Morning

we are human
I would like to say thank you to all who follow my blog and read my writing. It is gratifying to know that my words have meaning. Every time I write, I do it thinking about the impact it will have on others. I also do it for my own satisfaction and because words it seems, naturally scream to come out and if I don’t let them, the screaming will drive me crazy. So again, thank you so much for reading and I apologize to my followers who have blogs of your own. I don’t get to them often enough to read and comment on your work. As writers it is important to most of us that people get something out of what we do.

After I wrote yesterday’s post on the four minute tea meditation it really struck me how everything we do involves so many people. Even when we do something completely alone there are still many others who have been involved, directly or indirectly in our lives to make what happens happen. From our parents to our teachers and kids we grew up with. Our friends and co-workers to the grocery store clerk who gave us a smile. All these people and more, have an influence on who we are and who we will become. When an industrialist or business person tells us that they built their business from the ground up all by themselves they are very wrong about that. Even to take a walk in the park involves congress and state legislators making public safety laws and a police force enforcing them. It involves city workers who made and take care of the park. We do nothing alone.

All of these people who have been involved in our lives can be and usually are, very different people. When we are born however, our differences are few. Our sex and physical appearance are the only noticeable things that differ. Sometimes we are born with mental or physical health problems. We are born with sexual identity or born gay or straight but those differences only come out later. We start out as human however, and human we remain, adding other differences as we go. But we are human. Whether you are Palestinian or German. Whether Black, White or Brown. Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist. These are either accidents of birth, (place, time or parentage) or artificial things we have added. Unfortunately, many of us use these differences to try to separate ourselves from one another and this is what causes most of the problems we face as humans. If we could all realize that we were human first, we could maybe come together and solve our issues.

So when you make your tea or take your walk, think about how many different people there are who were and are involved in your life. And remember we are human. Just human.

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