The Carrot Before The Horse

carrot before the horse
Is it destiny to work back breaking labor,
bending cutting lettuce, laying brick,
maintaining warp and weft, punching
cash register buttons on sore feet
to achieve the ever allusive
American Dream?

Is hope, denying what is? That paycheck
not big enough to cover the light bill?
Two jobs, ten, twelve, fourteen hours,
buying clothes at Goodwill, giving our
money to billionaires who for some reason
don’t think they have enough.

That carrot is getting smaller and
farther away as we chase faster and longer
to grasp the dream and we forget to
look at the word, “dream.”

Has it always been just a dream?
What are our children learning from
watching this? Hopes and dreams.
“I want to be a doctor.” “I want to
be an astronaut.” “Mamá and papi work
the fields while I do my schoolwork alone.”

Has it always been just a dream?

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