I Lost A Friend

fender bass
I sit at my computer not knowing what I’m going to write about. I lost a good friend on the 9th of this month. I could write about that I suppose. We first met in the 6th grade. His name was Gus. Is, Gus. His name is Gus. I am a drummer, and have met and played music with some exceptional musicians over the years. Some people start out playing an instrument and want to be a famous rock star. I never had that desire. I wanted to play music, that was all. Just have fun playing music. And I did. Gus was primarily a bass guitar player. And he was very good. Playing music with him was fun, but watching him play was even more fun. He was so smooth and made it look so easy that you thought you could just pick up that guitar and make it sing. But you couldn’t. It took him years of practice to make his magic happen.

Gus was very humble about his musical abilities and suffered from stage fright. Before going on he would be a nervous wreck. He’d pace and smoke cigarettes and drink. The first set of the night would be good but you could tell he was stiff. By the last set he was blowing it away. Every time he played would be the same. Not everyone knew this about him. We got to know each other very well over the years. After his divorce we spent a lot of time talking about life and the things we’d gone through. He had a lot of the same desires that many of us have. He wanted to be a good father to his children, a good friend to those he knew, and he wanted to enjoy life. And he accomplished all those things and more. I’m sure he made some enemies over the years as we all have, but most of the people that knew him loved and respected him.

He never became rich or famous, never became important in a worldly sense. But he was always ready to help a friend. Always there for his kids and those he loved. Those are the things I will always remember about him. He could be kind of grumpy sometimes as we all can be, but he was a good man. Cancer took him, as it takes a lot of people these days. Damn cancer. I will miss him.
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