Autumn Is here!

There has been a distinct chill in the air every morning this week. One day the temperature was down to 38° F as Sophie and I went for our walk. Some may think this is damn cold but a light jacket with a hooded sweatshirt and vigorous walking keeps me plenty warm. Sophie of course, doesn’t care. Speaking of Sophie, She ate a packet of hot sauce this morning. Someone kindly left a Taco Bell bag along the side of the road last night and she tore it up and devoured the contents. She dragged her tongue along the wet grass afterward and made a bee line to the water dish when we got home. Time will tell how the hot sauce comes back out later today. Many thanks to the passersby for keeping my life interesting.
The soybeans are still in the fields around my house. They are ready to harvest but our farmer had some issues with his combine, and today he has a wedding so tomorrow it is. We will keep the windows shut because the air will be filled with dust and the residue of herbicides and pesticides and this can cause respiratory problems which we don’t need. Not too many farmers have taken their crops in this area yet. Probably because the rain we’ve had. But the growing season has been one of the best in years so the yield should be very good and hopefully our farmer will get a good price.

While sitting outside this morning enjoying a weekend cigar, an eagle flew over, and a red bellied woodpecker came to visit. The woodpecker squawked and pecked at everything in sight while sparrows hopped and played in the driveway. Eating seeds and little bits of stuff they found, having little sparrow squabbles and taking dirt baths kept them busy for a long time. I love watching the wildlife in the country. They have a society that most of us don’t understand and it’s fun to sparrowspick up on. They play and fight and hop around. Better than television.

In mid summer it’s fun to watch the flight training school of the swallows. The elders fly out from the wire, swoop and dive expertly, showing the kids how to do it. Landing back on the wire, they give the young-uns a push to get them started. The little ones fall to the ground, flop around in the dirt awhile, shake themselves off and somehow make it back to the wire. Eventually they also become expert flyers and pass this talent on to their own youngsters.


In a lake home neighborhood up the road from us there is a long stand of Aspen trees. Aspen leaves in a breeze, sound a lot like applause from a distant group of people. As the Autumn season has progressed the leaves are falling to the ground. I almost felt snubbed this morning as their enthusiasm for my passing was quite subdued.

I grew up in a town about 15 miles from where I live now. My mother still lives in the same house I was born in and has said that she wants to move to an apartment as the house is too big for her now. Which means we can buy the house from her and move back to my hometown. While I’m excited about the possibility of living in my old hometown, we will be leaving our country house behind. I have really loved living here for many reasons. The solitude is highest on the list. This is our refuge from the world. Our peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We have eagles and deer and a lake right outside our door. We don’t have neighbors right next door. So if we do buy the house, we’ll leave all this behind. It’s a tough decision. But owning my childhood home is a great thing too. We’ll be making the choice in the next month or two so I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime we’ll be enjoying the change in the season here in farmland.



  1. Would be great to have you in the neighborhood, Butch and Ann. You can still be a valuable writer and observer for the rest of us.

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