Vairochana – Mountains and Waters – September

Mountains & Waters Alliance

Fall is in the air. This year I’m in no rush: Summer has been magnificent and I could personally handle months more.2015-09-15 17.53.32 But there’s an edge of yellow on some plants, and some days and nights are cold.2015-09-15 17.54.13

Farm: It’s harvest time for the biggest garden I’ve ever lived with. The photos show maybe half of what we gathered  one day. Still racing to get tree tubes on and other stuff before the first frost; TR and friends are in charge of that stuff. But I have to process it.

2015-09-18 14.12.34Finally making headway on going off-grid: the chimney for the masonry heater, thanks to Chris and Justin. Next will be the wood cook stove, and then I have to start learning. Meanwhile I found a way to get the solar dehydrator to happen: pay Ryan to build 2015-09-18 11.54.23it. Should be done in a few days, and in go the tomatoes…

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