mexico border wall
this is our country
god’s country
we’ll build a wall
keep them out
i’m not paying for that

dead child on a beach
what’re those people doing
i wouldn’t let them in either
who could feed all them
why don’t they go home

take an oath
break an oath
your rights end
where mine begin
i believe

what’re they saying
plotting planning
why can’t they speak english
this in our country
god’s country

why should we be the
caretaker of the world
why do we have to pay
i pay my tithe
i pay my taxes

wait a minute
why are taxes and tithes
and language and rights
and gods and countries
more important than people

why are the things
we have made
the barriers we have wrought
more important
than loving one another

why don’t we love each other?

One comment

  1. Butch says so much in so few words, especially in his poems.

    Syrian refugees are entering southeastern Europe. But they are refugees (I believe) due to actions by the United States, Israel and the Saudis. Those three entities benefit from chaos in the Muslim areas in the middle east.

    Syria was not a nation until European powers (France and Britain) drew lines on the Ottoman Empire map during WWI. Assad comes from a minority group (Alewites) within Syria. Prior to the events of 2001 in America, a leader such as Assad could probably serve effectively as the leader of an artificial country such as Syria. But with all of destabilization engineered by outsiders, the secular leaders such as Saadam Hussein, Kadafi and Assad are demonized and undermined.

    ISIS ( I believe) is only one agent of the chaos benefitting the U.S., Israel and the Saudis. ISIS is largely artificial, and is receiving weapons from the United States and from Israel.

    Refugees from Syria should logically wind up within the nations that are causing the destabilization, including the U.S. Instead, the refugees are winding up in Hungary and other random, sketchy places that had nothing to do with creating the crisis.

    The solution will begin only after people understand what is really going on in those countries, which were set up by western powers in the fist place.

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