Painting The Sky… Still More Haiku

haiku image
It has been a while since I posted haiku. I’ve been working on them steadily, posting them to Twitter and now, with some editing, they are here for your enjoyment. If you are unfamiliar with haiku, it all started in Japan. And there are rules to writing haiku, all of which I have broken. But it’s fun to write such a short poem while trying to confine it to the rules. I won’t go into all of them here but I’ll leave you this link to an article that explains it quite well. In reading and studying haiku I have found that rule breaking seems to be the norm for Western writers so I fit right in. Enjoy!
haiku in japanese characters

the old man’s eyes
tell a tale of lost love
mostly forgotten

painting the sky
my brush across the canvas
is blue today

a misty morning
shadows glide across the sky
birds in quiet flight
misty morning birds

perchance to grasp
golden drops of the sun
in a deep winter

lightning brings
the sound of thunder
summer storm

wet green fields
a light breeze
summer rain

mist over the fields
early morning sun
burns it away

forty shades of green
too much rain
the hay grows long

sunlight reflects
on ruffled water
wind in the trees

roosting in trees
web footed pelicans
water birds

stormy sky
rain and wind
natural beauty
stormy sky

geese fly above
with long shadows
upon the ground

wind blown trees
rippled water
all is well

black crows
against gray skies
thoughts roaming free

robin on a fence
announcing his opinion
to the world

rain falls
like tears
from a lonely sky

an eagle soars
to great heights
becomes the sky

trees waving
in high winds
stories to tell

meteor streaking
across the sky
a fond farewell

wind in the trees
speaks of things
better left unsaid

ancient willows
tossing out ideas
born on the wind

rain on the pavement
filling cracks

bare trees
grandfather’s ancient hands
reach for the sky


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