Life After Death Episode 6

reefer truck
Sean realized that before he could go about setting up a solar array for power, he would have to do something about his food situation. Since he had the tanker full of diesel fuel he figured he could find a reefer truck, fill it with food and keep it running in the yard. That would provide him with enough food to get through next winter at least, and give him time to decide how to go on from there. He thought that places in the Twin Cities area might still have electricity due to getting their power from the nuclear plant, which would probably run by itself for awhile until auto shut down procedures would kick in. He hoped. Having a nuclear melt down fifty miles away would not be good. So the next morning he filled the motorcycle with gas from the cans, tied Angus up so she wouldn’t follow him and while listening to her barks of protest he headed for the cities.

Knowing that the Super Value grocery chain had a huge warehouse in the cities, Sean headed for that. It was about a forty mile trip. The freeway was relatively uncluttered. There were a few cars here and there that he would have to deal with on the way back, providing he had his truck full of food. Finding the warehouse, he noted several refrigerator trucks outside. Sean hadn’t seen anyone on the way there and now with no one around the building he parked the bike and walked inside. He knew the electricity was on as soon as he got there because there were lights on the large loading doors that were still working. Inside he could feel the cool air. Walking through an office area with his hand on his pistol he grabbed a jacket from a hook and proceeded into the warehouse. Row upon row of boxed and palleted food lay before him. All he had to do was load as much of it into a large truck as he could and he would have food all winter. Learning how to drive a fork lift was the only thing standing in the way.

There were several fork trucks in the warehouse to choose from. Finding one with keys in it, he climbed aboard. Gas pedal, brake pedal, steering wheel and shift all seemed normal and he drove up and down the aisles searching out what food he wanted. They had everything. Frozen vegetables, meat and breads of all kinds. Pallets of powdered milk and juices would provide drinks and needed vitamins and all of it just waiting to be loaded up. Playing around with the lift controls, he figured out how to move pallets of food. An expert by no means, Sean slowly filled a reefer truck with pallets. He had checked for fuel and keys until he found the right one. Filling it almost full took a few hours. Sean had broken open a vending machine and drank warm water and ate snacks for a lunch. Finally getting the truck full he went out to get the bike. Driving it up the stairs and through the office area he then drove through the warehouse and parked the bike in the back of the truck. Strapping it down for the ride home, Sean climbed into the big diesel and pulled out of the parking area. Heading for the freeway and turning south he wished he had Angus with him. The big dog like riding in trucks.

Getting a load of food seemed to take some pressure off him. He didn’t need to worry how he would eat for the next year at least. With this done he could spend his time getting some power set up so he wouldn’t freeze to death next winter. The whole solar power thing really seemed like the best option. Gas and diesel fuel would break down over time so finding a large gas generator would only work for the first winter. He needed a more permanent solution. He also needed to get as much done using vehicles as he could for that same reason. Gas breaks down, it’s components separate and it becomes useless. So he would have cars and trucks available for about a year or so and then that would be it. After the hour ride back home Sean pulled the reefer truck under the shade of the trees along the driveway, close enough to the tanker truck so his hand crank fuel pump would work. Above all else, he needed to keep that truck running. His life depended on it.

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