Things As They Are

I have been remiss in getting any post written here that anyone would want to read so I thought I would catch you all up on life at my house. I visited with my mom yesterday for Mothers Day. She’s 85 and still living on her own, still witty and sharp as a tack, as she would say. I get my screwed up sense of humor from both my parents so you can blame them. Today I made Naan bread, pepperoni pizza with bruschetta dipping sauce for my lovely wife on this Mothers Day. Now she’s sorting out old clothes and I’m hammering the keyboard. A nice day.
riding lawnmower

I have a new (used) riding lawn mower to do my 3 1/2 acres with. Unfortunately, it has a higher center of gravity than the old one so I can’t do the sides of the hills like I used to do. It will tip over. So now I have to do the hills with the push mower. More work for me, but better for exercise. Considering that people are starving to death, my troubles are few. The drinking and driving crowd that uses the road I live on must be getting more sophisticated. Today, while Sophie and I took our morning walk I found a Leinenkugel’s Big Butt Doppelbock beer can in the ditch. Most of the time I find Bud light cans. Bud light is a beer that has been rendered virtually tasteless by the geniuses at Anheuser-Busch. I like a beer once in a while, but never from a can and never Bud light. Yuck. It’s interesting how I never find a wine bottle in the ditch.
Bud light can leinenkugels beer can Starling Castle Sweet German Red Wine For some reason, I can’t get these stupid photos to go side by side. Technology.

Speaking of Sophie, Ann has found mice droppings while she’s been cleaning. Sophie, when she’s outside, will chase down mice, crunch them a few times and then leave them. But in the house she must assume that mice are our little pets like she is, and she never catches them. I’ve threatened to replace her with a cat, for which I get a dirty look (if dogs can give dirty looks). I don’t know why she doesn’t look for them inside. Outside she’s like a mice killing machine. Oh yeah, and frogs. She loves to kill frogs. But we don’t have any frogs in the house, so.
If you’ve been reading this blog, you may have read the “Life After Death” serial that I’ve been writing. I know dystopian books and movies are all the rage these days, especially with Young Adult writers, but I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time. What if a nasty virus killed most everyone on earth? How would you survive? What would be the best way to live without becoming a cave man? What beliefs would change for you, if there weren’t any other people? If you didn’t believe in hunting animals, would you change if you had to eat? If you were religious, would your belief in God change? For me, these are interesting questions. I hope to explore all of these in this serial. If anyone has ideas for this, let me know. I’d love to hear what you think.
tobacco pipe
I spend a fair amount of time working on stories for my paid writing job. I write for Pipes It’s a online magazine for pipe smokers. It can be a tough assignment. Think about it. How much can you say about pipe smoking? Each month, the magazine has several articles about pipes and tobaccos. Reviews of new pipes and tobaccos, pipe smoking lifestyle, articles about pipe and tobacco makers, etc., etc. So it can be a real job trying to come up with something new, interesting and different each month.

Also you may have noticed a new page here on the header bar. I’ve started doing “Average Guy Wine Reviews.” If you’ve ever read a wine review, it seems preposterous that reviewers can taste all the things they say they can. However, after doing some research I have discovered there are thousands of flavor compounds in wine that can and do taste and smell like other fruits, vegetables, and other things. So who knows. The idea behind “Average Guy Wine Reviews” is to write a review that doesn’t sound presumptuous and preposterous. Using plain language I explain how and why I liked it or not. Maybe it’ll help.

So Armstrong Ranch is running like usual. The clock keeps ticking, and I keep going. We’ll see if it stays that way. Bye.

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