Starling Castle Sweet Red Wine

Starling Castle Sweet German Red WineThe Average Guy Wine Review is back!

I just finished the last glass of Starling Castle Sweet Red wine I bought the other day. The bottle is kind of tacky looking with it’s gold and white printing right on the glass. The back label does not list the grapes used to make it except to say they are German. It’s a German wine, go figure. I found virtually no information on line about it either.
Nice color!

A medium red color and an almost dry taste. A little bite at the back of the tongue from acidity which was okay. I don’t like really sugary sweet wines. Liquid candy is not appealing. The reviews I read said something about cherries and some other fruit I can’t recall. The fruit flavor was good, whatever it was. It went well with pork and vegetables, fish and vegetables and pizza. I paid $9 dollars on sale and I’m not sure I would pay regular price. It was okay, but not that great. Next time I’ll rant about wine reviews in general. Stay tuned!

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