A Flock Of Haiku


I saw a flock of turkeys in the field this morning and that had me thinking about what a group of haiku would be called. So I called it a “Flock Of Haiku.” The more I learn about writing Haiku, the more I like to write it. So here you go, A flock of new Haiku.

three male turkeys
spreading out their fans
asserting authority

sunset blue and orange
on a bare branch
a bluebird watches

from the lake
a haunting loon call
ghosts of spring

great blue heron
the fish and water
are one

open your mind
to find the path

turkeys and geese
feed in the field
an eagle flies searching

this intersection
of sight and sound
my mind

the milky way
bright pathway of stars
darkens the night

a loon calls
black against gray water
early morning

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