Sugar Is The Devil


Well it happens to the best of us. We have great intentions, we start out strong, with conviction, and then fall off the wagon. I went back to drinking Mountain Dew instead of tea. I think it’s the sugar that I crave. Caffeine can be had from many sources, including tea. But when I drink tea I use honey for a sweetener. Through my employer, we have a program to save money on our health insurance by being healthy. My blood pressure and lipids are fine but my glucose is high. Too much sugar. If you read food labels you will find that there is sugar in ALL processed food. Or very nearly all. We don’t know what things taste like without sugar. So my idea in quitting Dew was to back off on my sugar intake. Cutting out other foods that contain sugar has helped also. I have to take a one hour lunch break at work every day so I bring food. I have changed my eating habits some by having raw vegetables as my main meal. but I have Ranch dressing or peanut butter to dip them in. Sugar.
mountain dew

When I really started thinking about it I was amazed at the amount of sugar people consume every day. It’s really horrible. Diabetes is at epidemic proportions. And I went right back to it. It’s like a drug. No, it is a drug. And a very addictive drug. And I’m just as caught up in it as most other people. Scientific studies show that sugar excites the same areas of the brain with as much intensity as cocaine. But, I know this. I’m aware of how harmful it is. So I have a goal. Even if I fall off the wagon I can jump back on. I can do this.

I had other tests done as well. One of them was the PSA. PSA stands for, Prostate Specific Antigen. Men have a prostate gland. Without going into any detail, the gland can cause you problems. My dad had prostate cancer so it is something I should be concerned about. My PSA was high. So now I will see a specialist to see about a biopsy to check for cancer. If it’s not cancer then I will explore other options to bring my number down and be healthy. So I have that to look forward to. Yay!
spoonful of sugar

But more immediately, the sugar thing. I’m going to explore sugar free foods. I don’t want to cut out all sugar but a lot of it is unnecessary. Humans used to eat to stay alive. Somewhere along our path we decided that we need to have our taste sense stimulated to the max. As long as we have to eat, we might as well make it erotic right?
raw veggies

I love raw veggies like carrots, celery and broccoli and they don’t contain processed sugar. Natural sugars, yes. But the high fructose corn syrup and processed cane sugar are the ones that will lead you to diabetes. So I have to look at cutting some of that out. As I have done this I’ve noticed that I have the munchies more often. I seem to be looking for something to eat all the time. But when I notice this I think, “Am I hungry?” Most of the time the answer is no! So I’m craving sugar. This is a hard thing to do so wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted.

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