Painting Therapy


I finally got around to painting my broken canoe paddle today. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time now and just haven’t got around to it. I found the broken paddle on the shore of Balsam Lake in northern Minnesota. The lake has a lot of meaning for us. My wife’s family has been going there since before she was born. The first trip we took as a couple was to Balsam lake and we’ve been going every year since. The lake is great therapy from the craziness of daily life. We go with no agenda what so ever. We bring our kayaks and fishing gear and our grill. We sit, or fish, or go for a walk. We paddle. No T.V., radio, or phone. We bring the laptop to watch movies on if it rains. We just absorb the atmosphere, and enjoy not having a plan. We never want to leave.
Here is a picture a little further back so you can see the paddle. Someone had a bad day when this broke. It was just thrown on shore and left for me to find. Painting water and boats is also good therapy in the Winter. It helps me think of Spring. The temp today is 46 degrees F and the snow is melting rapidly which helps with the cabin fever we both feel this time of year. The painting also helps. here is an example of my wife’s work.
This was done on a pair of barn boards and is still in progress. Ann has done a lot of painting this winter but I have been so busy writing that I haven’t taken the time. So here it is, my winter masterpiece.

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  1. How would you and Ann like some old saws to paint on? We have three at the Depot Diner Museum. There is also a nice old cigar ashtray with a lid. And I have a nice cigar box.

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