More Tea talk

Okay, once I’m on a subject I’ll run with it. I think I’ve hit upon a great idea substituting tea for soda pop. (Specifically, Mountain Dew, hereafter know as “Dew”) Today was my first day of this trial and I started out with a 7.5 ounce can of Dew this morning around 7 a.m.. Then I made a small tumbler of tea,(black, 10 oz’s.) and took that to work. I sipped on that through my morning. At lunch I made a mug of tea (black) and I’ve had no headache today. So that’s good. If I can get rid of the Dew I’ll have done myself a great favor. The sugar and other crap in that stuff is wicked bad. The caffeine is the least of the problem.
I don’t often advocate for a certain product but today I’ll make an exception. This is my tea strainer tumbler that I used at work today. It’s made by High Wave and this one holds 10 oz’s of tea. There are bigger ones but I liked this size. I poured hot water into this at 7 a.m. and steeped my tea. I took it to work and sipped it until 10 a.m. and the tea was still hot! It’s made from stainless steel and has a push button on top of the plastic cover to drink out of. The strainer basket snaps inside for storage but you have to remove it before you drink out of it. It keeps the tea hot for a long time. I am impressed.
I picked up this tea at Indigo Tea Co. last weekend. I had a one oz. sample pack a while ago and liked it so I got the 4 oz. pack. It’s Cinnamon Orange Black. Very tasty and I sweeten it a little with honey. (Trying to get away from the sugar.)
Here’s another one from a store called Holy Land Deli. It’s called Arabian Mixed Tea. It has Sage, Chamomile, Cinnamon and Black tea. Very fragrant and tasty. I know I said I wasn’t going to use tea bags but I will any way. I have some Celestial Seasonings green tea that’s really good. Sleepy Time is decaf and is great before bed. So, I’m off on the tea adventure! I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Following this adventure closely… 🙂 Another funny thing. We always have Coke AND Mountain Dew in our small fridge because our good friend and contractor Tom loves it. No more Dew for yew!

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