Get Behind Me Satan


Get behind me Satan,
let’s see what you can do.
Push me, prod me into sin,
and give me a kick or two!

Take me by the hand, wipe
my fevered sweating brow.
We’ll drink and dance all night.
Have lot’s of fun, and how.

Get behind me Satan,
I’m a good boy after all.
I’ve known an easy life but
now I’m ready for a fall.

Don’t believe you got a good
deal from his majesty on high.
Seeking glory is not your thing,
so just what happened and why?

Get behind me Satan,
your angel fall was sad.
Were you really seeking greatness?
Is that why you were had?

I’m not sure I believe in you,
I’m not sure you are real.
I know what all the writing says,
but this is how I feel.

Lurking around in closets,
hiding under beds.
All the secret whispering,
to get in peoples heads.

Why not come right out
and introduce yourself?
Shake my hand, buy me a drink,
instead of sitting on a shelf.

Because you’re a cartoon character,
nothing more than a myth.
Nothing more than something,
to scare the children with.

Words written in a book,
do not prove that they are real.
But people believe them anyway.
With zest and with zeal.

So get behind me Satan,
let’s see what you can do!
I’ll drink your health and your demise
while raising a glass or two.


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