Prelude To A Storm

It’s a beautiful morning. 37 degrees F, almost no wind and partly cloudy. Sophie and I take our walk at about 7:30 a.m.. The sun, just risen, peaks through the clouds and shines across the lake, highlighting the ripples caused by a slight breeze. There’s hardly any traffic on a Sunday morning at this time of day. A couple of rifle shots remind us that it’s opening firearms deer hunting weekend. I’m wearing my blaze orange “I’m not a deer” vest, as I always do. Sophie sniffs along the road as if she’s tracking something. Actually she is. She finds mice and moles in the grass, snatches them up before I can stop her, crunches them a couple times and drops them to look for another. Nice.
So innocent looking, isn’t she?

Our walk finished, we hang out in the yard for awhile before going in for breakfast. It’s all a ruse. The peaceful morning, sun shine, and calm breeze. All a ruse. The National Weather Service has us in a Winter Storm Warning. That’s right, instant Winter. We’ve had no snow so far this season. They are predicting six inches of new snow or more. The radar shows it in the Dakota’s and heading this way. Well, I guess it can’t hold off forever. Not that I mind snow. It’s just that when you don’t have any, you don’t want any. It takes a little getting used to each year. People forget how to drive on it and after the first snow there are always lots of accidents. Especially for the morning commute in the Twin Cities. The news tomorrow will be filled with car crashes and tow trucks and ambulances. Yay. I’m glad I live in the country and only have seven miles to go to work. Even that short a trip can cause me trouble.

The snow blower is all gassed up, the shovels are ready and reluctantly, so am I. Sophie loves it. She runs through it leaping and jumping around. She rolls around in it, shakes herself off and rolls some more. So maybe it won’t be so bad. I have to talk myself into it each year. I guess it’s time.

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